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  • Chuck Johnson is a member of the board of directors of Franklin Templeton Investments with $720 billion in AUM as of yearend 31 December 2016. He has produced a well-documented legacy of profitable milestone successes

  • 1992 he orchestrated Franklin Resources’ acquisition of Templeton, Galbraith & Hansberger Ltd., for $913 million; one of the most successful acquisitions in mutual fund history

  • 1994 he launched and managed Templeton’s first hedge fund Templeton Global Value Investors, with John Winsell Davies as a founding member of the investment team

  • 1996 he was the chief architect of Franklin Templeton’s acquisition of Mutual Series (Heine Securities) from Michael Price with $17 billion in AUM

  • 2001 following China’s joining of the WTO, he and Frank Liu created Franklin Templeton’s joint venture with GF Securities in the People’s Republic of China, with John Winsell Davies as Managing Director

  • 2002 he was the visionary behind Franklin Templeton’s acquisition of India’s first mutual fund, ITT Kothari Pioneer. The joint venture created the country’s largest private sector investment fund

  • 2004 he founded Tano Capital LLC, a private alternative investment platform with a global presence in hard assets, real estate, venture capital, private equity, and listed securities

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