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'The Untouchables' List

Typically, the pendulum swings too far in each direction. Our objective is to put together a unique selection of leper-status asset plays which had been abandoned by all but the brave and the foolish. The idea is to compile a ranking of such investments; try to determine which might be coming back from the dead and identify those investments which would represent potentially significant absolute returns.

We screened for three-year minimum to five-year maximum death spirals, which for fundamental reasons represented attractive risk/reward in 2H 2016. So we created ‘the Untouchables’ list of bombed out stories which included:

The Original ‘Untouchables’ list

  • Russian Capital Markets: Time to Come Home
  • Goldschläger, Sharia Law Ruling and 7 other reasons why Gold should advance
  • End of Developed Market vs. Emerging Market outperformance aberration
  • The Sickly Slide of Jacob Zuma, the ANC catches Ebola, and the High Court of Johannesburg, ‘a place where justice goes to die’
  • Peripheral European Banks in spiral; risks and opportunities
  • Emerging Markets Energy Stocks (ROSN LI), (PETR4 BZ), (OGZD LI)
  • The Silver Surfers
  • Out from the open pit, Commodities back in the sun
  • Hang Seng, high-quality, low valuation exposure to the willful intent of Xi
  • Brazil and “End of the Dilma Dilemma" … rerating of Brazilian Capital Markets


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