Tano Octane - Global Macro Fund
Leverage and Exposures

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  Leverage and Exposures

Representative leverage and exposures

Gross Long 130%
Gross Short 70%
Net Long 60%
Total Exposure 200%

Investment parameters by asset class

Equities 75% representative gross 250% high, 0% low
Commodities 45% representative gross 100% high, 0% low
Credit markets 30% representative gross 200% high, 0% low
FX 50% representative gross 150% high, 0% low
Short exposure 70% representative gross 100% high, 0% low
Leverage 100% representative gross 300% high, 0% low

During periods of normalised trading volumes, the Fund intends to be fully invested. The Fund may employ leverage up to 300% to maximise absolute returns. The Fund may go to 100% cash to protect principal at the Investment Manager’s discretion.

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