Tano Octane - Global Macro Fund

  Risk Management Protocols
  Risk Management Structure
  Leverage and Exposures
  • Liquidity of listed securities

  • Tano Octane employs a liquid strategy related to listed securities in currency, credit, commodity and equity markets. The Fund can be in 95% cash inT + 3 days under normalised trading conditions for the listed co-efficient of assets under management

  • The Fund invests in listed securities with liquid two-way markets, except for UBS AG Prime Broker’s issued custom swaps or synthetics. In such cases the Fund assumes the counter-party risk of the Prime Broker

  • Tano Octane does not invest in thinly traded stocks

  • Tano Octane does not invest in ETF’s (exchange traded funds), or any externally managed funds, structured products, private placements, direct investments, outside managers, or related vehicles

  • Tano Octane does not invest in a non-traded subsidiary(s), for tax purposes or other investment rationale

  • Due to the unique hybrid nature of the Fund, the Investment Manager reserves the right to selectively invest in standalone ‘unlisted’ private equity and/or venture capital investments for up to 20% of the Fund’s NAV


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