Tano Octane - Global Macro Fund
Risk Management Protocols

  Risk Management Protocols
  Risk Management Structure
  Leverage and Exposures
  • Tano Octane - Risk Management Protocol (RMP) - available to prospective institutional investors

  • Tano Octane - Investment Policy Committee (IPC) sets investment policy, parameters, leverage, long short exposure, and defines investment themes

  • Tano Octane - ‘In house’ Head of Risk Management (Ernest Tan, Managing Director)

  • Tano Octane - ‘In house’ Head of Compliance (Candace Lyche, Chief Compliance Officer)

  • Liquid strategy - 95% cash in T+3, on all listed securities

  • Short positions revisited @ -10%, 50% mandatory cover @ -15%, 100% mandatory cover @ -20%

  • Core diversification and broad geographic dispersion pursuing 5-6 investible themes, multiple industry sectors, and four asset classes, long and short


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