Tano Octane - Global Macro Fund
Thematic Investing

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  Thematic Investing
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The Investment Manager employs a thematic strategy, researching the investible universe for economic trends.

  • Investment process is initiated with top-down global macro as it impacts Fx, Commodity, Credit and Equity markets

  • Search investible universe for favourable/unfavourable themes and improving/deteriorating fundamentals within asset classes and industry groups

  • Identify economic trends in sub-sectors that can be characterised by specific strength/systemic flaws in core business mode

  • Study the competitive advantage/inability to adapt/evolve to changing marketplace vs. new technologies/entrants

  • And quantify meaningful risk to earnings positive revisions/material downgrades

  • Then conduct detailed research and in-house analysis to isolate asset class and enterprise-specific securities which best demonstrate the essential elements of each thematic investment case

  • Ultimately produce one line item, ‘the best constituent’ which displays the most attractive risk-reward profile within the peer group, for asset price appreciation/depreciation for each investment theme
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